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to follow his father in the profession of medicine.

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shrink the swollen nasal mucous membrane, thus aid-

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Well-equipped laboratories and abundant clinical facilities furnish oppor-

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locality; but it was arrested by the genial warmth of summer, and re-

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fication of their contents, it may be stated, as a general rule,

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— rabbits and guinea pigs — as a result of the intratracheal injection

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tory appearance made by the third volume of its "Transactions."

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white matter had a pink color, dependent upon the presence of vessels that were sepa-

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sculptors the same splendid faculties of keen sight and faithful

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floor. The man derived great relief from the operation, which had to

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volumes recommended by the various departments for collateral reading,

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monthly by The Medical Association of The State of Alabama at

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the most philosophical medical men America has produced during the

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Delepine (^'^) assert that this drug lessens the " ferrogenic "

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the right, and protrudes to a slight extent from the orbit. A

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theoretical value and the best practicalmodeof dealing with food.

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the point where it makes its exit through the spinal opening, its

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depression or mental stress, onychogryphosis may occur and prove very

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and eventually incoherent. He grows gradually duller, and eventually

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however, the unit is based upon the neutralizing value of an arbitrary

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der is found empty and much contracted, but not diseased. Briere de

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breeds of horses ; tubercle and scrofula in the best breeds of

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hy the extravasation, than the tentoriiun does the medulla oblongata.

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The patient, a young woman of about 30, was supporting herself by

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enabled the body to make headway against the disease probably by