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The degree of vascularity is slight, and the blood-vessels
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same applies to the care of hallucinatory melancholia and
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child had been removed to hospital that same evening, when it was found
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current disease such as broncho-pneumonia, or of a metastatic
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tality of mothers was greater, perhaps far greater, than it is
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tion and dyspnoea, and has since been subject to paroxysms of breathlessness, suffo-
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pilocarpin was employed, the ointment and powder producing constitutional
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resting stage. There are all intervening gradations, and in most
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A summary of the treatment of the first stage of acute pleuritis, then, will
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roll. It is composed of delicate wood strips held together by thread.
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run in which has been made with the bow-saw. One of the special ad-
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chronic parenchymatous and severe acute forms show the
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Text-Book of Physiology in Five Volumes. With an Appendix on the Chemical Basis of
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frequently occur, are commonly interpreted as indicating the
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it unmixed with turpentine, but soon feel its dele-
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Imperial Board of Health at Berlin. Similar results were obtained
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since, if the patient happens to die a few days later, the intestinal lesions
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by elimination following previous retention (Parkes).
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prevented me from making a microscopical examination of the
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The afiTections which are here to be treated of present many featores
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sure, increases the rate of the respiratory movements and the rapidity of
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string passed across the sacrum, so as to hold the loops
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Copyright in Medical Lectures — Hypodermic Medica-
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the foot going into valsnio nnd poipnun so that when it was put
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natural contractions suffice to expel it, the forceps ought to be
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ance in a correspondint; det^ree severe." I'age 11.3: "This