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Laennec was a simple observer, sensibly acute in respect to all that

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Conditions, Including Deafness," in which he states :

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medicine shall prove to be as great or greater than that of

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received some three weeks before. The facts are patent. The

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ficial suppuration occur with the eczematous dermatitis, these mild

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Dr. Bakbek : One point about the general appearance of this patient is

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left ear a scar is visible at the seat of the first affection

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of serum given each dog were about three times that used to secure

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of cell structure could not have been so wholly lost, and some

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great blood vessels which supply the parts below are located.

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the corners so as to raise them and diminish the lateral curva-

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tension of the disease into the lung will be as likely to occur, and to

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as it ever was. In all respects, he presents the appearance of a strong and

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tinued bronchitic inflammation, and the increased severity of the cough,

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Let me say in conclusion that when we are called to a railroad

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The woman who marries with mercenary or wrong motives is sure

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into the femoral artery and vein, in such a manner that, on divid-

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inflaence, — they are afiect^d with dizziness and head-ache,

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mate and diseases of the gulf coast of the Florida peuin-

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that resection of the diseased part of the kidney is contra-

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to 195 days, or twenty-eight weeks. The infant cried strongly, and lived

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that is, he declared, had the same affection befallen the leg of a

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become dilated into cysts, some of which are isolated in the

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Leyden has attempted to explain the frequent absence of symptoms of

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conclusive observations on the Kneipp cure, and thus pre-

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cornea, of long duration. Tr. Am. Ophth. Soc, Hartford,

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separated from others; children should be kept from

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found hand in hand, especially in questions like the

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of great character as well as talents, when a youth assisted his father

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seen to act perfectly. The differential diagnosis can readily

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sun-rooms provided for them. Prisms, humidifiers, ventilating

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recovery without a vestige of the morbid process remaining.

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Samuel Danforth, Aaron Dexter, Shirley Erving, John Fiske,

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on Bloodletting in the Treatment of Acute Diseases, Bull, de

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of mind, which contrasts strongly with the listless

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indicated by pallor of the face, lips, and nails, and coolness of the extrem-

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chloroform reddeuod the blood, and ether darkened it. There thus existed, as

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If discovered early, keep cold compresses on the eyes, being care-

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