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a deterioration sufficient to be detected, within two hours' time.
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but no very convincing evidence on the point is forthcoming. Of the
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h;pmatidrosis? This is a point on which accurate information is ab-
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The Effects of Dentition on Nursing Children. By M. Trousseau. [Clin-
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and practical, and, it must be added, truly scientific nature ?
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and Sec War, 27 Apr 45, sub: Debarkation Hosp, Fair-
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the scabs are liable to be renewed, and troublesome ulcerations sometimes
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touching the external canthus, and the left has a small part of its cornea
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ica. Special Report. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Education. Part I. Wash-
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billets, were so numerous, that it was impossible for the most zealous
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the patient became frightened, and concluded not to submit to
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sex knowledge, wishes, curiosity, episodes, and imaginings, nor was there any evi-
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Tlie explanation of pericardial effusion and dulness given witli figure 82, page 644, applies
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where adv.anced .itrophy is not present, where the majority
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diminishing or even passing off in the earlier stages when the obstruction
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S. O. 268, Headquarters of the Army, A. G. 0., November
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things, to prevent scar formation and adhesions between
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and permanent relief procured by the hydragogue operation of elateriuna in
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degeneration of the brain, but, as they look over the
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rible weapon " with which the spankings were adminis-
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long article in the Times upon his pathologic work in India ;
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can be adopted to a good advantage in the young, vigor-
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Wounds indicative .of homicide, suicide, or accident^-Eyidence of homicide &
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Delivery. — Some obstetricians believe that inversion of the uterus is always the