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grain of opium and thirty drops of laudanum in a starch enema. Micturi-
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a striking impression on the death-rate. This, per-
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eyes have been injured by the crack of a whip, by a shot from an
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70. — A dark, poorly ventilated cow shed, difficult to keep clean 517
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ing powers becomes specially apparent when illusions, hallucinations, and
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the larger share, but the maceration which necessarily
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the rootsof a tree are vigorous, will not the branches spread
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enlargements, dropsies, and inflammatory affections generally.
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examination and found her pulse so fast I could not count it. The
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between the socket and tooth, leading to chronic periostitis and even loss
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rounding tissues. The skin over them becomes purplish after a time.
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found no lactic acid organisms surviving exposure to 60° G.
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nishes a most excellent adjuvant in the treatment of these
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cases in which this operation is advisable and is the only thing that can
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ing the amount of albuminoids in the diet. But to exaggerate
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disease, etc. This will constitute the second of the different aspects under
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probability is that the bath is doing harm ; for its administration
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Among infectious diseases accompanied or followed by thyroiditis are
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few families are perfectly pure from the strumous intermixture.
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to some extent the temperature of the place. When, in fact, one hears
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of speech in a few; in i case paralysis of the tongue.
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20th November. — Pulse 92; wound has nearly all cicatrized;
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large. Numerous as are the sufferers which there find an
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Uses of Medicines ;■ Poisons, their Antidotes, Tests, &c. Designed for
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practice ! No ; it is not true to say that Dr. Bur-
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mental. The medicines most given are, iodide of potassium,
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infection of the blood-stream is a necessary result of its presence. Thus,
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beds on each side of the car arranged in three tiers. These beds were made
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cushion of tissue in the loop of the ligature to prevent cutting through
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experience that oiur Society will within three or four years return
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Another plan of purifying oil, (especially lamp oils,) is to
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asked to move a chair, and he tried to catch it twice or thrice before he succeeded
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to separate the heart and lung on account of the density
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effect, arsphenamine, neo-arsphenamine, silver arsphenamine and
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The small intestine has two margins. One margin is con-
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thus inducing loss of appetite and diarrhoea. Most antipyretics are too