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Often, especially in bad cases, there are little convulsive startings
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formed through the activity of the morbidly altered epithelial cells,
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community based medical school with the annual tuition
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first few months of life. Because of the greater age of the child,
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in a case of cancer of the larynx of nine months' duration. Trache-
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times a day, followed by gradual increases to 1 tablet 3 times a day. Reported
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parts; alcohol (94 percent.), 16 parts; ether, 64 parts; pyroxylin, 4
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Behandlung der rachitis mit Nebennierensubstanz," Jahrbuch fur Kinderheilkunde, Band i.
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by the time they reach the hospital they may ^y. H. Kenrick, I. M. S.. Pprofessor
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treatment of fevers and other diseases. Charleston M. .J.
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