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1891. She still had pain during defalcation, and had
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a serious medical brochure on so unpoetical a subject as ampu-
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was the symptom that finally decided the diagnosis. The methods of
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was said by some writers that the copper wires used to conduct
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this important point the opinion of one may be especially quoted,
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per cent, of the cases, and may occur at any stage of the disease. It is
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which develops in a congenital mole. The clinical picture and results
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their road homewards. On the 10th of May a large number of them returned
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in very marked cases scaly skin, brittle dry hair and
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advantage to study a disease long after it has disappeared.
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afterward rector of Ascension Parish in this city ; Richard
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of the umbilical" fossa, M. Farrege discovered an excrescence of the size of a
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rule out ice infection from natural ice absolutely unless con-
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-isted bv Hexing the leg ujxin the thigh, allowing the patient to lie on
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but remarkable variations. One result of such reversal of the
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of the cases, by a rise of two degrees in the temperature after
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Method. — Say to the child, " Would }-ou like to play at shop ?
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when this is corrected vision = lo. The wound in the sclerotic
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and secondly, after the manner of the discoverer 15 of the ammonia-
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reaction is established the serum gradually returns to its normal
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isting institutions, and in this way an account of the most approved
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as in superficuil parts. Dr. Richardson has also ob-
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is left to the butcher other substances may be supplied. The glands
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all the carbolic acid may be washed out, and hence the necessity
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although perhaps not really specific as formerly claimed, the deriv-
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evidences of inflammation — effused serum, deposition of coagulated
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in the diagnostic study of medical and surgical cases. Only standardized
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It would appear that the best guide to nasal asymmetry
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Longitudinal vertical section of adult. There is no definite evidence
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ovarian growth. The patient had an attack of fairly acute appendicitis
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lumbar nerves come into view and cannot be spared. Klineberger advises that
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treated, in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and South
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nuclei. In shape they may be round, oval, irregular, or branched.
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wonderful adjuvant to the effects of the belief in magic, if the
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The desire for operating permeated every branch of gynaecology,
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organ or act with continuous benefit upon the gastric muscle. Strychnine
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it contains pus, washing with water will remove the greater
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cy to coagulation, a greater adaptation for nutrition, be regard-
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palatopharyngeal erythema. This alone is practically diag-
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was in the insurance business in this city for several
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these arteries sections of the umbilical veins are seen in