What Is Trileptal Prescribed For

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CHESTER ROYAL INFIRMARY.— Visiting Surgeon ; doubly qualified.
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Medical Service, he went to London and read for some time
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ment to hold an International Meteorological Conference
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longitudinal lines are now scored on the sloping sur-
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respect of animal food, for of 41 of these centenarians only 1
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intendent wrong. We allude to some cases of certified small-
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flexed on the palm ; the right knee-jerk was exaggerated ; the
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ELi.i'i. Sidney, M.R.C S Eng , L.S.A., appointed Medical Officer for the
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consist of ten practitioners, five of whom an; to be appointed
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course by detaching one or other of the wires. 1 had also a
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influence of the aggregation of man in favouring disease and
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President I.M.A. ; Professor Cunningham, Dr. AVoodhouse,
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inquest on the body of Richard Killiclj. aged 60, who died at Hatch Row,
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the quarter, and 39 remained under treatment at the end of December.
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been very strongly impressed with the idea that all dogs should be
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given an extremely interesting account of the micro-organ-
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bers — {a) Fellows, {b) Graduates, (f) Professors, Examiners,
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of the multitude of sick and suffering poor relieved in Cairo's-
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parcels post. On several occasions my suspicious had been aroused as
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managed to take a pint of warm milk and a plate of rice
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Applications to B. Burlord Rawlings, Secretary, hy January 3lst.
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Mfd. Jour., May 18th, 1892). and the opinion that only absorption of the
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a visit to their town, and both at South Shields and Tyne-
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College, 1 1 a.m. to 1 p.m.— Professor Crookshank : Lecture,
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had come to be regarded with a degree of apprehension,
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time the question of the ubiquitous tramp or " sturdy
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slowly, took food with indifference, but cared for nothing, not even the
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lar. Tlie number of scarlet fever patients in the Metropolitan Asylum
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form it into a female seminary. They somewhat inconse-
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then the animals die of septicsemia, due to the action of the.