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caecum as they all converge at the base of the appendix. When this
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Gardenia campanulata Roxburgh Rubiaceae. The shrub is indigenous to India. The
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point of efficiency and make a report to the legislature with recom
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pancreas. According to this theory the pancreatic juice in the exercise
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A. Cooper. He gives one very interesting case in which he removed
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Those cases where an abscess breaks into the vagina or
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reference to sputum culture as a means of diagnosis. Archives
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may seem arbitrarily from the antidotive. All antidotes may be
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place in which experiments to decide some of the as yet
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pected from the nasal douche i e. cleanse the upper
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as it was said the society had incurred expenses and devoted a
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have confirmed this singular circumstance. Dr. Dcslancs of
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been of long duration. A few days later another case was
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etc. The rationale of such treatment is difficult to understand.
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vents the external signs of disease by destroying the re active energies of
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application nouvelle de la dilatation de I utfirus comme
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pain nausea vomiting including the true fecal vomiting
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tonics administered internally my patient being now in compara
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ence of stricture at the point of opening is something to be considered.
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a large proportion of fatal cases favor the presumption that the treatment
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The duration of purulent perihepatitis is somewhat short from
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dilerencial de las diversas especies de metritis y su trata
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not jH ofit by this manual labor as well as tlu municipality
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ally in thofe where the Blood happens to be of unequal
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ular casts are common to all varieties the blood and epithelial easts
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resolution which I have offered embraces no restriction upon
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temperate Asia and Europe where it is also cultivated. It is
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man may be able to do one hundred or one hundred and
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Gaffky has ascertained certain facts connected with the life history
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mid axillary line including the dagger wound iu its
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tion of these survivors reaching a much longer life. It may
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particularly after the consumption of saccharine substances. Small
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one and read of otliers. IJut they are very rare indeed.
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when eight c. cm. of acetone had been administered could any be found
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fective speakers bureau. The speakers bureau shall have
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some isolated from laboratory assistants. He found that the maximal acid
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Harold L. Hirsh Paul F Jaquet Harold Jeghers Sol Katz
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manner invited so to do by the excellent review which my friend Dr.
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membrane of the pyloric portion of the stomach and intestines
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The Committee held an additional meeting during the
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