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but calls attention to the fact that two of his caaes illustrate
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section. I suggested that it probably was a case of undeveloped scarlet
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rheal origin which has resulted in the complete loss of both of the
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Department of the Hospital in 1882, with an excellent summary at the
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having the trouble at night. October 7th I gave it the
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world of letters of our time, is also never weary of insisting on the
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week or two, more frequently after four or five weeks, occaaionally only
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prized by the "working doctor," rather that the mere closet student.
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g. It will surely change the muscle imbalances, thus
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(L.) Combiuirte Augenmuskelparesedurchdireo.teLasion.
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the hook, raise the unguis, and pierce it with a needle armed with a thread : then
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measures, such as swabbing with iodin and the application of
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two general heads, have been decided. It is a cause of no little
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proportion of serum than usual," but in othera " it did not present any
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1901 a. — Untersuchungen iiber die Lichtreactionen der Arthropoden <^Arch.
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Later, and in less severe cases from the beginning, pre-
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oases of dextrose, lactose, saccharose, dulcite, sorbit
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act in retarding, interfering with, or promoting, the menstrual discharge. Some
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ature in the wards than with the use of gas. All incan-
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the "mark time" or progressive movements seen in the
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On the conclusion of Professor Munde' s address Dr.
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ing measurements of school children living in a small
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disease. It varies in amount from a mere stain to a large