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where it commenced to eat Aragallus lamberti again. On October 14

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two hours or so after eating, but it differed from duodenal

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overlooked, is evident, from the great discrcj)ancies in the

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where physical signs of tuberculosis exist, a prompt diag-

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his neck was tightly constricted by a towel. From his

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"In some cases the discoloration occurs in patches, or perhaps, rather,

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three days the temperature ranged ioo°-io2°F. The

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before. But the spasms increased, and he died on March S,

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hens, coots, bustards, thicknees, and cranes. Chap-

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; occurrence. These accidental fractures, it is to be observed, are generally

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phragm, mechanical stag*, etc., $100. Apply between 11

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hundred miles in width, there has been no instance of any person's

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of mortality is shown regularly to increase as the trunk

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ously described, with, however, more disturbance of the

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The American Red Cross made this possible by giving us last year

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sovereign remedy for many of our social evils, just as ite

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flammatory deposit may be impossible, apart from the

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of the kind just referred to liave occurred. He therefore

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before the temperature is fully normal and when the loss of weight is

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there was a curve of health, and that if men and women

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Morley's results were best when he used extract of the corpus luteum.

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call for treatment. On the other hand, in typhus, and sometimes in ty —

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ausculting his patient. — {Colorado Med. Jul. Nov. '09.)

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iodine, and x-rays. Prickly heat, although often extensive

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less preparation and use of the lymph, inevitable failure with it,

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spite of the blisters which may form in either case, seems to me de-

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three-fourths, and four and one-fourth years respectively. Thus

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actually aware of that fear and able to voice it. I also learned