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Further points of interest regarding this rare disease may thus be sum-

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here that from this symptom I was enabled to suspect the existence of

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Gull long ago discussed the influence of hepatic derangement in this

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terly refuses food. Hot fomentations are to be con-

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The solution of problems of the pathology of the thyroid has long

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the secretion ? Can it be possible that, in the produc-

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many sources, from which errors may flow, on the subject of

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will penetrate the powder but a short distance. Its further passage

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the spirochgetes, Trypanosoma gambiense, Leishmania donovani,

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f\t the very commencement, i.e., during the period in which there is a

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yet it requires continuous residence to secure any thing like perfect im-

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side. 1 The proboscis is not banded ; the abdomen is banded

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Case IL — Thirty-five years old, entered into Professor

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the nasal cavity, to wound and tear the membrane ; the

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well-executed plate in the Latin language, purporting to

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stomach may be considered as an organ in which the pylorus is a distinct

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sue ; and it is not improbable that thinning of the serum of the blood,

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be regarded as amenable to operative interference, no

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that mere symptoms are deceptive, and that a supposed inflammation is

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made from no one piece of data except perhaps the blood

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eliminating the errors of the instrument, our weight

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fear of injury to the structure of the bladder itself.

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placed under the Commissioners of Lunacy, and no patient

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numerous. Elastic tissue is always present and may be found in

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to be seen a group of cells in what is apparently a transition

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from a fissure in the aorta. On examining the latter from within, a lacera-

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Such is the standard that the age prescribes for the medical gentleman.