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from a knowledge of the cerebral circulation, and especially of the dis-

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etc., Uie patient will die in two years or less time. He is at

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in the Anatomy, Materia Medica, etc. ! And, to the ear of those famil-

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terious appliances and violent procedures of Mesmer.

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chorea as they are in relieving the pains of rheumatic fever, but they

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fevers between the diseases of the respiratory and those of the

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each of these is accompanied by one, imd never more

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Thompson, Richard D, 1341 Milwaukee St, Delafield 53018

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for accomplishing rapid and bloodless dilatation of the female

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an elaborate study, that a medical school with 100 students

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stages of progress of the head from that where it lies above

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tion was found. In the next case a girl of 4 years was operated

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as it respects the ideas derived from the senses of taste, of smell,

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of the type created alarm and medical advice was sought, when it

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of the church, by which he was persecuted and finally

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cannot be due to a fresh infection with the specific poison from without, for

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Tooth-plate in the Laryngo-Pharynx. Three Illustra-

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LiYiXG organisms, microscopical in size, of the sinij^lest,

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fairly abundant and they possess the power of penetrating

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Additional experiments with photographic preparations

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West Newton, 1890-91, v, 149-160. Also: Rep. Bd. Health

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