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roughnesses and points of bone ; some nippers, and a few
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worshipers, of course, are not expected to know, as they only
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Dec. 3, 1887; Holmes, "Am. Jour, of the Med. Sci.," vol. xii, p. 304;
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3. Do not sleep in any garment worn during the day.
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change? whether there be mere intra-vascular, or extra-vascular derangement?
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not dishnguish all the features of the various substances
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to health. But what can we do more than others, when the
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hunger and thirst and to prolong life, its statistics
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rise to the same or a higher level, as previously noted by Howell. The
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of contraction, i>., conjugate vera of 6 ctm. or less,
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enema, or a glycerine injection or suppository. Thereafter a daily evacua-
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prevented during the blood's transit from one vascular system to the
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under forty years, the mean score is 13 complaints per
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parts of England and Scotland also this practice was in
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Dr. McLaughlin — It does not seem to me we are proceeding exactly in a business
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crystals which forms the urinary sediment, hence it is haemoglobinuria and not
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diseases certainly not affected by diet. In the first class,
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cated, though in unequal degrees. The more obvious symptoms of the
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the relapse may be very long or more than one relapse occur. There are
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for the accidents in this study, 30 of the 32 (94%) patients for
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setzes, betreffend die Vevwendung ge.'juiidheitsachadlicbev
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taken twice a day, and continued some time. It was not fol-
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ment and the ligamentum infundibulo-pelvicum beyond
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131 Autointoxication from Renal InsnfDcIenry With and Without
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average number of children in a family, according to Duncan, is four.
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entire surface of the limb is covered with scabs and ulcerations, emitting
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Demy Svo. Pp. xii+584, with 77 Illustrations. Price 10s. 6d. net.
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Associations of Poor-law Medical Officers to obtain for Irixh
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is the inculcation in a great many of the habits of studv
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regarded as a cardinal factor in the cause of shocks. Gessper, in his
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as follows :— Patient, aet. 34, was admitted to hospital in August 1899,
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1 desire to call special attention, however, to some recent publica-