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Neutralization of Cobra Venom with Calmette's Antivenin.
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that mere symptoms are deceptive, and that a supposed inflammation is
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lc»wed by very great relief to the foot. I adyised stimn^
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I was enabled to apply appropriate solutions continuously
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West, who saw the ease in consultation, adds notes of two
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matters in offal. There are thus three ways in which pork may
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about us. There is, taken in lump, a preposterously
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Meckel's Diverticulum. — Dr. John ¥. Erdmann pre-
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tion, in the pleural cavity, of a purulent liquid. The accumulation of pus is
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weak, yet able to walk about the room, but suffering extremely from
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duced upon mechanical filters instead of the natural organic Schmutz-
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sha; Dr. Robert S. Gearhart, Madison; Dr. John R. Evrard, Mil-
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careful perusal. They are of great practical import. It is
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Artificial Legs, above described, one of which, (No. 3155,) has
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the concurrence of sexes. The power to move the whole, or a
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It is also to be employed in a limited class of cases
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the right side they are clear, loud and breezy. The
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the service of Dr. Frank Billings and Dr. Alexander F. Stevenson.
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other substances, which give to old whiskies the various ffavors, and
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treated in this maimer, with the result not only of preventing the
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this observation has been confirmed by the investi-
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causes and origin of continued fevers, with reference to
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company pregnancy, Dr. Dewees directs the parts to be wash-
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located \ip wards and backwards, but the right hip-joint was
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those recommended by Coley in the Medical Record of
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considerable part of the fluctuating foreign population of
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