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3rd. — The entrance from the caecum is funnel-shaped, the

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selected cases. There is, however, at the present time such an unwise

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degree heart block have been reported; intensification of AV block is a known effect of beta-

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Proceeding inadequate — Public Health Act, 1875, s. 107. — Appeal

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first seen June 3, the calf was emaciated, weighing 75 pounds. The respirations

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2 ctms., lies between the inferior spongy bone and the floor of the

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will gradually lower the vitality and resisting power of the

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Most physicians have observed, with great dissatisfaction, the

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six weeks, but I had not been fortunate enough till this day to witness one of

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stricture, and, guiding with the finger of my left hand in the

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the terminal phalanx of the index-finger is then flicked downwards (i.e., palm-

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frequent cause of gangrene ; and it is not at the time of labour,

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reside in the local lesion. The virus is rather short-lived,

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nitrogenous food, as beans, peas, vetches, wheat bran, middlings,

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tesy, graceful manners, and skill in the winsome play of conver-

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^"'""-'' '" ""■'■' ' "-' — r .ha. had. |-n.„- ,„ aai„n

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many of these cases without operation but as a routine he recom-

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mists. The Pharmaceutical Society of Paris recently requested a

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4 Shell-lac 5 oz., seed-lac 1 oz., gum juniper i oz., mastic 1

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within the limits of a reasonable probability, to inspire hope or to rein-

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measures. For the treatment of the anginal attack various remedies have

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of the efficacy of modern antiseptic methods, and this

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good work goes on. Upon the whole, school officers show greater interest

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operation would have been disastrous. A girl, 3^ years of age, was under

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ous, which is the explanation of the frequent occurrence of phthisis