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tion to the parents who have to bring their children.
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(especially of a vegetable nature) not found in normal breast
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however, has no such power of resistance. It is known that the ner-
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teid, by sterilizing at high temperatures, destroy tiiese vitamines so essential to
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atus. It may be met with in disturbances of special sense
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On the 8th of June, the harassing pain still continuing, mitigated only
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Rocci (B.) La reazioiie cliiniica dc^li opitcli vibratili.
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medicine itself, but in other forms of intellectual
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some suitable position, so that they couM be administered with only a
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accord. In a case described by Dr. Bright, the colon crossed the
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Pilot approach to a needed social reform. National Institute of
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I. Terminate pregnancy as soon as placenta praevia is diag-
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dently secondary to the alteration in shape. When miscarriages were observed,
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must be interpreted with great caution, and it seems that the further
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2. To remove fluid from the body. — This effect is more
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founded in truth in many cases; but, notwithstanding it may outdo
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be perforation, craniotomy, cephalotripsy, cranioclasm, or
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erty has been brought under notice in medicolegal inves-
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which is of considerable interest. It is quite a large stone, and was
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This succession of forms (amoeboid, discoid, and annular) may be
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insufficiency, has a high blood pressure, due to spasm of the
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poorer class. It is rank cant to prate about the de-
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He has good power of extending the limb horizontally.
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peral Fever." A paper on the " Treatment of Puerperal Fever " was
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as it favors the development of benign tumors. Cancer developing in an
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umbrella coverage. Our Worker’s Compensation program
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of the most difficult points in therapeutics to choose wisely between the
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render the patient's recovery more safe and speedy, it
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DE\Tns IX BnsToy for the week ending Saturday nnon, December 6th, 81. Males, 50— Females, 31.
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Influenza^ was frequent and was severe in 1647, 1655,