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salt, kept fifteen minutes at 144°, became athin semi-transparent pulp, and
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the nose in the intercanthal region require special attention.
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mucosa. Strips of cartilage are removed until the desired
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Medical Society of New Jersey, May 6, 1978, Atlantic City. Dr.
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1 . All of the wells tested contained trace levels of some of the
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to a suitable quantity of 0'5 per cent carbolized 0"85 S.S.S. to give
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of memory, strabismus and ptosis coming on tions. Cure.
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telephone line through which subscribers can find out
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mation certain conditions must be complied with. A stream
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myocardial ischemia, subendocardial infarct, aneurysm,
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are located between T6 and L3. The most characteristic
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The Committee will report annually to the Legislature. APPROVED
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that : — ' In general, the kidneys were normal in appearance, except for
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2. Trowell HC: Ischemic heart disease and dietary fiber Amer
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as the principal argument in favour of transudation, viz. the
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the lymphatic vessels, the question of the existence of these
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Provides that in order to control unauthorized prescriptions all
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July 3. — This morning able to drink milk. I took the
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the common characteristics is the overall poor response to
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11. Koiwai EK, Nahas HC: Subacute bacterial endocarditis
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mesentery, and particularly to the kidneys. At the root of
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Tersesthes mesopotamiensis' sp. no v. (Plate XXIII, Fig. 2.) Head
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became necessary. To this latter mode of feeding he soon
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substitution laws cannot help but have adverse effects. They
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red corpuscles, and in connexion with a great number of colourless
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the kinds of patients he sees, their occupations, their personal
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I. — A Case of congenital Malformation of the Heart,
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up in plaster of Paris and kept at rest for six weeks, but no
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had been made clear by the experiments of Hewson. Thus,
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the aorta, a network is formed by the lacteals and lymphatics
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(3) Disposal of animals. — In the days of calf-to-arm vaccination,
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Nearly all of the s >hd uterine tumors that ha\ e
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physicians with expertise and interest in the health-related
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be relevance to diagnosis and treatment and to education of
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This study attempts to quantify some of them. These costs
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effort possible to hold the Annual Meeting in 1979 in
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adjacent tissues. The diagnosis lay between tuberculosis and
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The medical education establishment needs prodding to
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cilli of arteries ; but the small branches, into which this extre-
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A3-452. fl)Add 5 p,.,- cvnf anfifonn.n f„ sputum to .lis.solve it
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the day more of the enemata failed, and the bowels acted. He
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The patient is now so little inconvenienced by the artificial