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in animals, however using doses up to 1 2 gm/kg body weight could not find a

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polis, April 1, with the following program : "Hepatic Calculi" by

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and continual and needless poking with specula into the

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reported by Hugenberger. In these cases, of course,

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turn made to protrude, and as much sawed away as seems necessary.

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the tube and discharged him. The opening closed and I

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sedatives, such as bromides, chloral, and chloroform, should be employed;

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subject, and to give my reasons, in the following paper, why

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the disc is seen to be due to a fine radiating striation. This is due to

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we want to remain a great empire. But a lethargy seems to overshadow

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articles, 3 colored plates and fourteen other illustrations. .

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November 27th. — In the evening he took thirty grains of

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"Membeiship in the Association shall be obtainable by

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erythema, perhaps with wheals. There is no impairment of health, though

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development of occupational disease consultation activities. However, a limited

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sively its own — "6y patent right!" Will not some of

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arriving at ports in infected ships. With respect to the points just stated,

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tive. Med. Rec, N.T., 1H96, 1, 192.- Ska vlovski (I. E.)

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found that there was j^reat diffused redness about the

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feet in depth. On either hand of the levee (here four or five hun-

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the pain above Poupart's ligament over the region of the appendix.

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circumscribed patches of seborrhoeic eczema over the anterior and

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ally have a flat, deformed, soft nose, with a very pale

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mology. Geology, Mineralogy, Palaeontology, and Zoology. By William Baird

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in my child's case, the least swelling followed. The pain ceased almost

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thenia, and epilepsy will be found in the discussion of these affections.

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branch of the fifth pair, motor from the seventh, sympathetic from the

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Three tubes containing vigorous twenty-hour-old cultures of diplococcus (656)

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The outbreak of zoster seems to be quite uninfluenced by the simul-

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criminally disposed could be made to do a murderous act while in this hyp-

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larger medical corps for this reason : If you have to get hastily