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later. The seasons do not differ much, not more than three or
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continuation of animal life ; and the heart has been
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4. (Unable to use ether, not in the above tables) ... 3 cases i J^ per cent
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under like conditions. Melson would impress on us that any real
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in the institution to the full end of their first year ? For the
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During the beginning of the second year the anterior
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tressing. They interfere with sleep at night. New lesions in
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spaces such as are encountered in the fibro-adenoma mammae.
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(Figs. 95, and 96) covers the entire region of the ears, nape of the
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a few drops of hydrochloric acid being added to cause the salt
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free drainage. Scrape the cavity, if necessary, and swab it out
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orrhage is situated in the periphery of the convolutions, the changes are essen-
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certain, lasting generally from five to fifteen years, but sometimes
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Besides the changes connected with exudation and effusion,
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she lay on the left side. She had been ill four years, but had
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At present quinine or some salt of the alkaloid is used in malaria
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The patients were doing well, but it was too early to state
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States by cholera, when it is prevalent in Europe, will
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scorching. She has noticed during the last eight weeks
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the pressure of friction, if you please, of the fluids of the body in
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secure them .by a small ligature. After these are properly
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Art. XXXVI.— T/ie Handbook for Midivives. By Hexry Fly Smith, B.A.,
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will have been so thickened and separated that, although the
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systemic circuit, thus practically permitting a cessa-
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for example, altogether disappearing when the patient holds his breath in
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of an officer in the navy so seriously reduced by symp-
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degree of latent lateral deviations of tbe eyes on looking up-
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trologist wringing wet, pattering the figuration or other, she efl'ected success-
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Manual of Surgery. By Alexis Thomson, F.R.C.S. Ed. ;
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tional treatment. The gynecologist should diagnose and
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is also involved by the disease, and that, if left in place,
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most digestible form of the most digestible and oxidizable
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through January, and these gradually disappeared. By January 8th, the
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of races and the altered relations of life arising in our
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Deaver on Appendicitis, and Landolt on Ptosis are sufficient
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ab unico i)ove, navi ex Hungaria advecto. sect. 22. A very curious circum-
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sub-tropical belt. A second, comprising the highlands of the Dividing
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tysis as an early symptom is prognostically comparatively
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sometimes the tympanitic enlargement is great. Tenderness on pressure in
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reproductive functions. In some cases it may be accounted for by the
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Another so-called accidental type of diphtheritic vomiting occurs in con-
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noted in the temperature, pulse, weight, and physical and mental vigor from
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tion can be constructive and most advantageous to all con-