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occasional visits from members of this Section during the course of our
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rison, Crooke, Ehrlich, and others followed up the work, and the
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But the results are far otherwise. Real and important
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Sometimes, indeed, the cyst refills, and a fresh puncture becomes
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are several varieties of apparatus adapted to this end ; one of the best
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for a varying period of time. They will have their nocturnal
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ment, defective form or inflammatory conditions, may each be entitled
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toxicity and nephrotoxicity have been reported (see Warning section).
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was by keeping pregnant women under intelligent medical
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muscularly every 2 hours, was started approximately
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detects less than 50% of tumors that are less than 2 cm in
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have been occasionally noticed, as having been successfully treated by chloro-
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particular resistance or tenderness is encountered, then,
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Congress relating to a medical department on July 17,
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Autopsy : To the naked eye there was no deviation from the normal in any
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Post-mortem Changes (retained Placenta). — When the foetus dies,
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fed immediately prior to dispatch, and, judging by the state of the
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nized. We trust that the bill may be speedily passed.
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the serum treatment has been carried out a proportionately larger
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centage of loss in the second category is reduced to
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affection. Anaemia existing in connection with valvular lesions claims
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that there was no disease of the appendix, but that the obstruction
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valve formations at both ends of the stomach establishes conditions for
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pH = 2.9 or 3.3 respectively. The gelatin is free from bromine for pH S 4.7.
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up to date a question of such importance as smallpox and its prevention.
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ences in the two sexes. One case which he had seen at
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prelude to boiling, etc. For use in the men's water
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be seen near the surface of the healthy villus. Some pass
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Dr. John W. Byron, the distinguished bacteriologist,
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Section 2. Schizophora.— Cyclorrhapha with lunula ; at times
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phorescence. 3. Radium is a practical agent to differentiate
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in the histories of families. The association of gout and
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