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60th year. Violent pains in the lower limbs should not be

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commonly with a fine yellow layer. A characteristic

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should never be ordered immediately after feeding or nursing, but

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Hannah. On January 22i)d, James W., eldest son of James Lee

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sion. Their benefits are not confined to the mere student

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irritation have subsided, and the hearing is nearly normal for

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" The second stage of treatment consisted in combining the

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remains to be proved. The facts he has adduced in their support are not

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mond, in the New York Medical Journal, in 1867. But few cases have been

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College may subsequently have been Licensed by this Faculty,

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seemed "a perfectly natural one, and I had no doubt of finding abundant

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Donders, of Utrecht, " demands that prejudice and ignorance

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the following threefold picture : glandular and connective-

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Automated lamellar keratoplasty is starting to be used

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parenchyma, and the alterations in the connective tissue to a subse-

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of Vanderbilt, Sloane, Carnegie, Ottendorfer, Woeris-

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of the sick are discharged. Bad water, then, may predispose people to

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objects in the room should be so fixed th.at the gas has free

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less marked. It was then ascertained that the change had existed

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the capacity for work has been cmj)hasized by the study of Zuntz and

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the disease was most prevalent."* The disease again renewed its at-

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in Europe, for the cure of this most obstinate disease of the lower extremity,

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ceptiug chambers to scullery siuks. Tr. Sau. Inst. Gr.

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containing a large number of tubercle bacilli obtained from a case of human

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A fit seems really to be a discharge of nerve energy, and

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of the inflammatory process from the endocardium to the cardiac muscle,

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very slight ones, by a minimum of febrile reaction, by anorexia, and by

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90. The pulse varies also as regards other characters than frequency. In

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total of 952 cases of fraudulent transcripts, unauthentic let-

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volved, to which side the head and eyes deviate, etc. It has been shown recently by

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conjunctiva-, as in new-lx>ni children, may be the primary site

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" honors easy " by informing the reader that " widows

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UlnBtration, the transactions for 1899 cost one society

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adults, on the other hand, hemorrhage after tonsillotomy