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version, although the fundus of the uterus might be found hanging low
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must judge in each case according to the facts, and his decision should
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In the eye wards there were 1,096 patients, and outpatients
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charge of the other children. I said I was afraid she
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auditory meatus. During the first week after the operation
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to the pliysician of the Olympian gods, as where he
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active exercise induces constipation by rendering assimilation more
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Arch, de med. des enf.. Par., iSgg, ii., 129-133. — Devic et
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cally expose every error that can be found in the system we have adopt-
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the upper extremity), is generally followed by a sacrifice of life.
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that were amenable, the time limits of treatment, with
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— is working well ; and I wish to give my testimony in its
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Dr. McLaughlin — It does not seem to me we are proceeding exactly in a business
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rant their Medicines to be genuine and pure, and clear
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barber surgeons had to cut away the dead flesh from the gums
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Case of Excision of the Uterus. By Paul F. Eve, M. D.,
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are benevolent, and to afford relief to the widows, or-
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heir valiant band of helpers, distributed their good
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occur together; that is, vomiting rarely takes place without previous
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change of air, not by the effect of imagination, not by gold ; and
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been suffering pain during her periods ; as years went on
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twelve months; it is given in doses of | to 1 dram (1.75 to 3.5 cc).
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lesion is far advanced, chronic interacinar pancreatitis which implicates
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The prognosis may be declared to be favorable as a general rule ;
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necessity for the organization of a hospital corps," and
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of manipulation more than this. The only evidence which the operator can
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approach to a description of it is an account of the swelled leg which
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voiding. The next day the tube was removed and a piece of adhesive
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ordered to Chateau Thierry, where it arrived July 29, there was some
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sanction, is rather remarkable for purity of thought and elegance of ex-
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Use is also made of incidental testimony furnished by
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tence. His partner. Dr. Cornelius Hall, of Carlisle, was
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however, has no such power of resistance. It is known that the ner-
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choroid could be seen to the outer side of the disc after a large
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also heard it said that we ought to trust a t importance to the profession — that our re-
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ance in a correspondint; det^ree severe." I'age 11.3: "This
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mind practically of the correctness of these results, yet they appear to me to
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often becomes normal. At the same time infiltration of the lung gradually