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complaints that the patient could thereby not get one instant's sleep
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The original edition is already so extensively and ', ^ournltl, July, 1S07.
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of the Secretary of War, the extension of leave of absence
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proceed from undue muscular exertion. Like most affections, it is some-
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is thirty-seven years of age. Nine years ago he was struck on the head
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Reservoirs in Eastern Montana." Journal of Wildlife
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submit to a law that offers protection from sorrow, suffering,
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areas, the tuberculin reaching the skin through the blood stream.
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aggregate staff of 132 professors or lecturers, and 110 super-
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istic tremor of the arms and legs ; in this case the whole of the middle
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watching the comparative effects of different plans of treatment in the
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diminished secretion of the thyroid, and he has found that feeding
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ignorant, shiftless and powerless to control her five
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greater part of the symptoms mentioned under the first variety of apo-
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So that alkaline (sodium) treatment of gout is not only useless,
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note of the discoveries of Koch and Eberth, and intes-
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retained, the salt solution (a teaspoonful to the pint
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be used cautiously, if at all, with VASOTEC (See Drug Interactions )
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fcion of food, and especially ailer certain kinds of food, vomiting occurring
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Lister and Antisepsis. — Sir Joseph Lister is said to
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tremens renders it necessary that the patient should be well supported by
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tages that overbalance its good points, will no doubt
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infection and enables us promptly to apj^ly the proper treatment.
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newer and more fanciful fad in the therapeutic line.
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stock mixture every one or two hours until free gentle
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is available, and applications are now being accepted for the group entering
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oblique grooves, the lower ends of which pass into a '
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unequal, one must, according to Volhard, who follows the results of Schiitz and
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obliged to go to bed at once. But sometimes — among Ziemssen's cases in
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we were to class these according to their natural affinities, we
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fewer restrictions of activity are the benefit of prolonged use of
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It is useless to dive into the minute description of
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The amount was then reduced to gr. -^ every two hours,
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course of calomel and opium, or the calomel is worse than use-
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tual characteristics ; others, again, employ psj'cho-
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i•!■^.i..^L.'<^i l"r,,m liic v\.miki ,,1 r\, 1-1,.);. til,- 1,,,K- in li,,- h-,,,,- i, fulh t-\p,,-.,-a
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a bloodless condition of the whole system was induced by an amount of hemor-
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botli lenses. Arch. Ophtli., N. T., 1896, xxv, 519.— Adel-
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ment over all other Arch Supports — plus the absence
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New regulations have been introduced lately to improve and
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organisms of Malignant Pustule and Cholera, also the Staphylococcus
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The dress of the two women was somewhat similar. That of Caroline Walsh
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dent's Health Security Plan: The Clinton Blueprint. New
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from what was characteristic for the lower forms. In place of the single nervus
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cantile classes of Scotland in not making a spontaneous,