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It is not unusual for a false membrane to form ujDon the larynx.
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the urine. Some one has said diabetic women are more apt
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bustion of fats and causes a loss of both these and muscle
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their way back to the Flowery Kingdom. In their proverbial
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or jerking inspiration at the apex. If heard elsewhere, little value is
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first volume ajipeared in 1914. There are twentv-five new articles
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August to April, the latter month giving the greatest number, and then
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later distinctly bronchial. Tuberculous bronchitis may cause interrupted
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ulceration. Some of the ulcers shoAv no signs of healing ; in others this
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and the extent of the local lesions. Thus at an early stage the prognosis
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cliques is the first cause, and these cliques are intensely
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95°. He is now dried without being rubbed, and sent home to rest an
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sils or a needless exposure to a bad atmosphere in the stable
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that there is no significant difference between the effect of meat
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the stimulating effect of the stream upon the sensory cutaneous nerve
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is typical neither of remittent nor intermittent fever, but may approxi-
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controlled by the simplest external application of cold water, such as
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sense, although there are no externally recognizable points for this
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In the last experiments* Strasser discovered that only a small pro-
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this is the best apple by odds I have ever eaten." It is the
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as his feet, and therefore any deformity of the foot is of the greatest
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(vide), this condition may be found to be a tuberculous process accom-
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ress, among the clinicians and the therapeutists, a similar though less
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On the eye, ear, and throat are Harlan, Norris, Oliver,
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blood pressure will be considered together for obvious reasons. They
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product of albuminous tissue change, the doctrine of the formation of
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the severity of the type of infection, (2) the presence or absence of
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A temporary glycosuria may be caused by hepatic disturb-
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cussing the rationale of all compresses, the chest compress causes a
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)>revents largely the dangers which are apt to occur in any society
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an hour. The buccal and pharyngeal eruption is to be treated by gargles
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from the sputum. They are never present in any other disease. Pfeiffer
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