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that the muscular tissue possesses within itself an inherent power of contraction independent
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it. Finding that it produced no irritation nor annoyance, I allowed
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conntry, his rides including a circuit of at least twenty miles. He first introduced
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his left hind leg. Encouraged by my former success I began looking up a
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cases now related, of 26 undelivered, only three recovered, or about 11 per cent.
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the fifth week, not before the third week. . . . The
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(the Weber-syndrome), together with radiographs showing
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the infant will in a measure determine the character of its
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tion being very good and the appetite insatiable, and, of course, pro-
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ointment or paste. In obstinate cases the opsonic treatment,
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'Ibday, United Missouri’s Investment Coimsel Department
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For our purposes, we call a Colles' fracture any fracture of the
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Their measurements of labour cases between fundus and
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r.nuuity is such an emolument as is contemplated by the pro-
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deposits of uric acid may be dissolved, and so increase the excretion of uric
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only that labor which is entered upon and carried through
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apples, juice of 2 lemons and the peel cut finely — custard.
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portance to the sanitary administration, namely, those of births and
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presents other conditions favorable to the production of mias-
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prelude to boiling, etc. For use in the men's water
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" Inspection by direct illumination by daylight, electric light, or
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tolerate a sharp substance in the oesophagus three days
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through another attack almost as typical as those already described.
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to make his headquarters in Egypt, he was often summoned to
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ous; while on the other hand, if little or no advantage has been
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membrane. Streptococci and Klebs-Lofller bacilli are found in it.
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class of women. While it is to be hoped that op- ^ Iain « ■ ■•YYYYY.YY.Y.YY. Y.Y.Y. ljaos
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the nsevus present, — appearances as of little club-like processes
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bitter almonds diluted. The time at which the symptoms of poisoning
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which it is impossible to carry out. Perhaps it is with our
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and oedema had quickly supervened. Finally it had been loos-
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500; 1875, $32,500; 1876, $24,000 — total, $217,000.
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application of a general process which is part of the professional
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5. s., i. 449-455. —Malieiizo (A.) Experimental tests at
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to any * benefits ' if incapacitated for work by venereal
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two tampons with ichthyol, glycerin, and water, equal parts. When
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which no lecithin could be precipitated by acetone alone or combined with
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appeared in the Amcr. Jtmr. of Mrd. Sriencii in July,
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were capable of the work ; thus betonica, arum dra-
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power over the disease, can be beneficial in a highly ulcerated
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from the fact that they occur simultaneously with the inflam-
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In one remarkable outbreak which came immediately under my
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