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A. Accidental haemorrhage, due to the detachment of a normally

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when she came in ; has heartburn after breakfast ; bowels not moved for

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Three months later she conceived again, and in due time was

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to many patients an appearance of great wilfulness.

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Jidy 16, 1870. — I was called to see Carrie B., fifteen

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The serous effusion, blowing in air always sufficient, and also in

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attended with more satisfactory results. After opening the vein, let

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those who went — or a large proportion of them — returned

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afterwards died from exhaustion. The tumour was embedded in

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250 cc. of HNO3 (specific gravity 1.42), and 7.5 gm. of picric acid.

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Department. ,The balance of trade in bristles is still in favor of

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and although the earlier doses produced rather severe symptoms,

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out of his situation or work. StiU, he will get his stimulants '

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these methods should succeed in removing the displacement, it would be

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trials, evidence of experts has become an important factor in

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angle of the wound, seems to me an excellent addition to the

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In the year 1762, Dr. William Shippen, Jr., who had then just

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tempted, liie abscess being simply opened through the

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no movement of tlie cords at the time, not to signify paralysis. He wrote the

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will occasionally ertcroach upon the spinal canal, and in consequence of

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too mudi attention to certain symptoms, which they believe to be

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almost cadaveic aspect, and yet the patient lives on." RelHet i

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enthusiastic about Old Hellas as you German philolo-