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The little patient slept all of the time ; there was not

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ently not accompanied by any noticeable subjective symptoms or change

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ion, then return to his old habits, and exceed even the abuse formerly

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by the struggle. The stimulating effects of cold, combined with the

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not in any case seriously interfere with the final result.

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practice, that the sound along the right superior region grows

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still further uplifting it. When a narrow cicatrix is so far

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This is best accomplished by a well-applied binder, which raises

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of the Examining Medical Bodies in England have alrcadj'

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Peters, Valerie A. — Batting 1.000 with Baseball Cards 647

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5. Have you ever se*en cutaneous eruptions produced by it ?

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possible. Since at no time can the troops be removed far from the positions

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rjce water or gluten gruel and egg albumen. This diet will supply

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in various stages of destruction, pigment granules, degenerated

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The next day there was paresis of the right side. Temperature

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immediately following the grazing and also for the second year,

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treatment was followed by the desired degree of atrophy and a clear-

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the peripheral neurons being implicated as far as their course in the spinal

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8. — Kletzsch calls attention to the number of cases that

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the diarrhoea continued ; neither infusion of catechu nor gallic

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referred to, 5 pounds of bleaching powder, containing 35 per cent, of