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in two the obstruction was removed, in the third no foreign body
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what they were when she received 3 c.c. daily. The weight gradually
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lesson in connection with bacteriological experiments
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the mouth is dry. Just as Dr. Flint correctly declares ("Practice,"
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wise would doubtless have been freely given. We hope for better things
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ture'had taken place, gangrene might be averted ; but this
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Dr. Herman Westphal, resident physician at the City
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them of the power of secreting poison ; though, no doubt, it dimin-
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sessed at least the amount of general knowledge set forth in the stan*
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for the colleges can not rightfully insist on the new require-
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sistant Superintendent of the Worcester Asylum, in England,
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ence that the London Lancet has throughout Europe. It brings
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cumstance that the entire population of England and Wales in 1861 was
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There has been recently established at Health Officers to undertake to even offer
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and its withdrawal was followed by a gush of gas, fetid
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absorbents, and places them in a condition of taking up the
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has described a double continued fever, Thompstone and Bennet
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was se4ze<l suddenly with amaurosis of one eye, the late distinguished
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1873, to April 28, 1874); 4. An enumeration of the cases of disease and
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siderable movement to the stethoscope when placed upon it. If not only an
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less perfect upon the right than upon the left side. Deglutition
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and glossy — there was less salivation ; he complained of pains
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are eighteen students at present, and plans for extension call for
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favour of flushing as a means of cleansing the peritoneum.
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economic and political aspects of practice; and serve as the patient and physician advocate to government and other relevant publics." The
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If to these symptoms there be added pyrexia, we learn the
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ing the seat of disease that there are more enlarged
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