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patient. This condition may, of course, be brought about
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1898, 7. s.,' iv, 31.'i-318.— Kogiiiaii. On the curability of
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The board investigated every case of violation of the
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eruption may be local or it may be diffused over the whole
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arm altogether ; hence the necessity of adopting such
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twenty drops of each — given several times a day, joined with
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breast, located in the lower part of the gland. The
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to the wide-spread and constant use of opfum, not being unmindtiiK how-
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tion of infant life ; for, in the table of deaths from
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remarkable contrast between Dr. West and Mr. Baker Brown.
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term child fully developed with membranes and placenta removed
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In this method the total acidity (a) of a given amount of gastric
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the most efficient applications is that suggested by Boeck of Christiania,
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cutaneous flaps are made by two incisions in the cartila-
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tion, as well as the excessive dryness, are often serious
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etc., do not stain vitally is not in entire agreement with Marchand,
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from one part to another of the transverse colon. It forms with the
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received an injury to her elbow some time before, and had not gotten