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A Case of Rodent Ulcer Treated with Piue Resorcin.— By

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applied to a Disease, and the several Grounds of Individuality — Varieties of

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offices upstairs. Owner in practice 13 years before leaving,

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gestion, and it is administered at a time when it serves but to

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It is not necessary to go further into details in order to show how

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respondent of the British Medical Journal gwt^ a de-

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B.vttey's Opeuatiox. — In August, 1873, Dr. Robert

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This method of relieving strangulation is manifestly

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Ohio. In one large and handsome octavo volume of 616 pages, with 397 illustrations.

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,became one of his first and most liberal patients. Everything

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where he can live out of doors and bring his body back into as healthy

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which, therefore, continues at nearly its usual rate. In violent

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symptom depended largely upon by Bosworth is the spraying of vase-

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As regards the function of the perineum, it is for the support of the

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three days at longer intervals, and the patient was at work

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incidence." It is hardly necessary for me to suggest what must happen

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upon life assurance, I think it may be inferred that there is no such

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in this city, and was married on the first day of May,

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may even be hopeful of the best results from operative interference when

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having in mind, especially, the relation of the urea content to the prog-

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should be the first business of this society, to point out the

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and without undue excitement of the circulation or nen'ous system. The ;'