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smaller rooms." All rooms were treated in this way; only of one

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Persons exposed to the influence of lead are, as is well kno^vn, par-

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tion and inspissation of the bile do not give rise to the increased formation

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has been a work of great magnitude and importance. Two

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tiveness of temper and disposition; intense impatience, not only of contra-

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usually remains free. When the degeneration is considerable, the

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the symmetrical gangrene. Weiss reports transient aphasia, and Simpson

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It was decided before the birth of the infant king of

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in the former, especially the preparatory, were trained in reading music

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by the dilatation of the pelvis, which is filled or even distended with an

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3. In electing Trustees, or voting upon any other subject, each share

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Diagnosis, and Treatment By Dr. J. Clarence Webster. 8vo,

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clear; perhaps they give the knowledge of reflex action. The very large number of slender

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development of the pigs so easily influenced as while they are depend-

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it is difficult to understand how a conscientious regard for the

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its tenacity, in considerable quantity within the vagina, and is then suddenly

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Boft palate are the seat of gangrene; in which case, they become

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when not immediately traceable to in&ntile convulsions, commences very

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Physicians are employed as a matter of speculation alone, and

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Place of next meeting, Cincinnati ; date of next meet-

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The gruel should be of such a consistency as to pour with

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hospital in the second or third week, after a so called