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seen in the latter part of 1880. Swelling and chemosis

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There is frequently a great loss of bodily weight in pneumonia.

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ureteritis leads to obliteration, and is associated with tubercular degenera-

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sixpence to that of an almond. In the lower portion, some of the elevated patches

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in a nearly normal anteposition and it is fairly movable.

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Fields for Colour before the Failure of the White Field.

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threatening sources of infection are Russia, Galicia,

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is of this nerve, the motor oculi communis^ gives rise to drop-

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Dr. Fessenden' s position, as I understand it, is that the

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the Occurrence of Amino-acids in Degenerated Tissue, Univ. of California

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remarkable since he employs air heated but little above

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Heineke, in 1872, proposed to remove a piece of the rib covering the

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treated by simple immobilization under the mistaken idea that

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Definition. — A febrile disease, due to the operation of a morbid

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regioQ a marked dulness was found that extended to-

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it properly," or " The chloroform is bad." After my in-

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Typhoid Fever. — When reliance for diagnosis rested almost solely

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fibres, and as conducting their circulation by muscular contrac-

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and in twelve in the second or middle convolution also. Of twenty-five