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and oedematous. Heart healthy; weight fifty ounces;
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sive surgeons and be continually on the alert ? The
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Fig. 3 — Graphic representation of pressure decay in the
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he was able, unaided, to go up three flights of stairs.
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And these cutaneous tests have the advantage that we may use
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strength, soon being able to walk several miles. She
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The pain is to be palliated by anodynes given by the mouth or rectum, con-
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restored, though this has occurred ten years subsequent to the primary
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cornea and momentarily threatening its vitality ; in such a case we
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in the milk ; steam in tin pudding boiler 5 hours, remove the
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with the view to correct the general adynamic condition of her system, and
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Ixxxii, 360) is 0.1 mg. per kilo of body weight if given intravenously and almost
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practically and to i)repare them to carry them out on emergency.'
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" I notice a few remarks, in No. 8 of the Journal, concerning
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"The important nature of these relations is shown by the remarkable chauges
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drawn after a suitable lapse of time, the normal altera-
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insignificant. The sphincter ani is also weak, so that a loose stool can be
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The proper dilution of milk to suit a baby's stomach is
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tious mononucleosis. 14 The coexistence of these two disor-
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cently, another by Dr. John Ashhurst, of Philadelphia,
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analysis of the blood has failed to throw any light on the subject, because