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regeneration of the British working-man at the expense to-

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Wisconsin. Present law, and neglect of authorities to employ means which it affords.

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tious material could be transported through the air.

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Chlorine gas, in the presence of organic matter and

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regards the specific Bacillus typhosus as nothing but the ordinary Bacillus subtilis of

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The sphenoidal fissure lies between the greater and the lesser

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general dropsy, especially i»f the exti-emities, and cyanosis,

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the involved parts, furnishes the best means to retard the inflamma-

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state of physiological rest by means of an artificial vesico-vaginal

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wound. Thus the artery was exposed, and its appearance was by

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in his judgment of the sensation's quality. "Slight heating," then, as

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33. Dislocation of the Clavicle downwards, beneath the Acromion Process of the

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of responsibility for the design, financing and construction of

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was not an international meeting, since, instead of discussing

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A.Powell, Toronto; Reportof aCase of Abdominal Pregnancy, by H>

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hibited a grand display of red velvet. As to the gilt arm-

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The affection is not accompanied by much debility. Patients are gene-

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vaginalis, I found a cyst containing about four drachms of milky fluid attached

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spreads backwards in the form of mechanical congestion of the viscera

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infants depends could be siitticiently understood to enable it to be made

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the initial symptoms of variola, and also during the febrile stage of

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sion. This was carried unanimously, amid much applause and

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influence, during the period embraced in his calculations, acted as a retard-

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affects both sides ; the fcrer accompanying the latter is ordinarily in-

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half, of one, or of two cubic centimeters of turpentine.

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superstition. Van Helmont became infatuated with erroneous