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at present to offer the only possible mode of relief for
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either by precipitation methods or by dialysis. The presence or absence
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later the administration of tonics and stimulants. The
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back again to the liver, and excreted over and over
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In these operations suitable precautions were taken to prevent
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abundant room for investigation of their attachments,
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sixty, previous to July 22d, to between twenty and thirty
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he was attacked with tetanus, and died in seventy hours. ('Lancet,' May 15,
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which they are derived. The report is compiled from
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he was admitted a third time, weak, emaciated, and bed-
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Feb. 7, 1862. A little girl, thirty months old, fell whilst walking across the
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than once; then came acute destructive inflammation, with
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(1) The time of the menopause as regards the inception and
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Having disposed of the moral and religious objections to
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from which are developed sometimes the severe forms of nephi-itis."
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In rebuttal, I told the reference committee that the
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cases the symptoms are those of local or diffuse bronchiectasis. The
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Dr. R. Travers Smith read brief notes on a case of " Tubercular
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time permitted, I might, with equal precision, show that this
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will then be put in communication with the superintendent of the head branches
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The condition has been variously attributed to juvenile os-
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