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If rigidity was at the time fully developed, the muscle will not again become
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facts which have been brought forward. The organisms in question are
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done well in the interim, had remained afebrile, and
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posterior horns, so that in whatever portion of the gray matter the
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Valerianates used in medicine are formed by means of
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49 West Thirty-ninth Street, New York, September 16, 1895.
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am going to refer. Dr. Lect will correct me. Under the Act
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Perinephritis, although very rarely an independent disease, and in the
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hours, divided into three or four suppositories, for every two years
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when he used it the catheter broke in two pieces, for it
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unquestionably, a not unmixed good. Diminished life, or nerve
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In addition, it shall be responsible for liaison with
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most effectively. In a case of round-celled sarcoma of a
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that the long-continued use becomes very fatiguing to
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fidence ; that, while absolute security can be had no-
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sion a pressure within it in excess of that in the aorta, before the
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2. s., i, 238-249.— Orifflths (A. B.) Sur la composition
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anaesthesia or pubiotoray '! In congratulating Professor Kidd
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the original incision through the parietes upwards and downwards,
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for packing. A hot enema containing alum, tannic acid or ordinary
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pressed by the inhabitants for a good practitioner of our school. Other in-
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of till- well known ccrtiliratea of ciitain niini-ral
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and marked change in the form of enlargement are the
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[Both facts are true, but must be taken together, otherwise such
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and made to rei)oat tbe samo formula. He was tbeu pronounced
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inches in length. They are considerably curved in their course;
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protein contained in the urine. They are, generally speaking, pale and hyaline,
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«urgeon of the ll4th Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Civil
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permanence of the symptoms, should the patient recover. The danger of
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sitates a complicated apparatus^ and means of greater energy,
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bear the Official Stamp of the Inspecting Department of
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physician will feel himself, in nearly every case, bound to make full trial of them
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existence of a modicum of truth, as its starting-point.
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delirium, intense headache, and hyperpyrexia, where cold sponging or the
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and immediately following her accidental exposure to
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is no duty or gratitude recognized as due the chief
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