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now he kills only a few hundred and is struggling for his last

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This is still greater in the dironio laryngeal catarrh which almost

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her off, he married, in August 1861, a lady of some fortune, Madlle. Dubizy.

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similar to those found in leukaemia (Charcot-Leyden crystals).

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linus, Type A, was found consistently absent. The spores are widely

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by Professor Adami ; Cholera by Professor Rubino ; Cerebral

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opium in some form is to be given to the extent of procuring freedom from

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acting on the bones, and (2) in the change of form produced

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stage and ridiculed in rustic ballads. That men are sel-

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In a case reported by Dr. Cavafy morphcea developed in a long-

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its severity ; the removal of the divided extremity of the fe-

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constant. The substance is devoid of clinical interest. It is not a

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In forming an estimate as to the suitability of a case for tuberculin

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As expected, the readmission rates varied widely among

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wounds of such organs the most furious type of venous

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same, viz., by stimulating the muscles of the womb to contraction, causing

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Men seem to be more subject to the disease owing to their greater

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case, as affording an exquisite specimen of pectoriloquy ; and I

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with it on the tongue. It was less common among the poorer

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which was particularly unfortunate, as early recognition of

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applied. Such, too, is the opinion of Dr. Jackson, that they

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median line. Then the bone was so far removed as to allow the

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curative effects in all anasarcous limbs, from whatever cause the dropsical

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diseases, the pains, the physical signs, and the inefficacy of quinine

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The American Year-Book of Medicine and Surgery. Being a yearly

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for an unnecessary period of time. Mr. Holt then related a remarkable case of

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their lodging, they receive salaries which vary from 360 fl. to 1,800 fl.

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am thankful to see that correspondents in diflerent journals in this city

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latter disease. The greater tendency to fibrillation of the auricle that occurs