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does not indicate any delicacy ; but in others the general de-

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greatly increased, in consequence chiefly of intestinal affections,

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Some 16,350 families were checked in the 91 cities.

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tomed to wear even during his sleep a tooth-plate, from which

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the whole of England and Wales, seventy-nine per cent, of the

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When called upon to examine an eye presenting these appearances, we

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its effects. By J. Laurence Smith, M. D., of Charleston, S. C. Dated

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Some of the severest cases of anemia, bordering on the

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the stomach," one should say ulcer, cancer, chronic gas-

levitra side effects alcohol

are attested by a physician; in the country parts this is done by

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three sheep experimented on by the author no trace of trichinas

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has been extensively entertained. In the British and American army sta-

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in all the others tlie two previous attacks were of recent date. In ten cases

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state of parts our author believes to have been erroneously termed elephantiasis,

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of the enlarged tonsil or tonsils. I had a most interesting case of this kind,

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portance in a hygienic, forensic, and economico-social point of

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trembling motion manifested by the voluntary muscles, the disease is gene-

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occuned in officials of the lazaret. Several of the adjacent villages,

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and the whole organ becomes hardened and shrivelled.

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The opening of one of the epigastric veins into the umbilical vein, and the

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heart downwards, and this is so great, that at first 1 thought the heart must

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Here we must interrupt to quote from another page of

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strain which is the real pathologic condition in Bright's

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year, and that for Nov. 1838, for cases which I have myself recorded,