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The treatment from April 24 to April 26 was Fowler's solution, and on

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ened tissue or the calcareous plates — may be observed in the arteries

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occasional epithelial cell. The phenolsulphonephthalein excretion on March 5

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desired. The very best quality of meal from the whole corn is there-

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what increased. It has also been shown in typical cases that certain

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be used in conjunction with the internal remedies we have already

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Bradycardia, which is rare, may be addressed also with diffusible

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several times a week. Family had fresh meat several times a week but she

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there were fifty-three, or 10.4 per cent., in colored persons, whereas,

kupovina stana provera papira

is necessary to produce exophthalmic goitre, any more than the pro-

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a more or less insanitary type. The adherent to the infection theory

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Six months before he had begun to have severe headaches, weakness of the

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of soft or blowing character, heard in the greatest intensity under or

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induced in several ways. It is known that adrenalin, phlorhizin, caffein,

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Pathology. Translated by C. Creighton, M.D. London, 188o. — 9. Haviland. Geo-

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The diagnosis of chronic valvular disease is usually a matter of

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lesion and is actually salutary. Thus Traube reported a case of

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angina pectoris, hyperthyroidism, cerebral hemorrhage, and cirrhosis

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made to explain these differences by the fact of a defective blood

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gave, in general, less light than the constituents singly. It is no doubt

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Coarse degrees of insufficiency may be detected by the hydraulic

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asthma, receiving 8 c.c, during an interval between attacks. There

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descending aorta 12, thoracic aorta 7, abdominal aorta 15. Those of

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or more. The average duration is from five to ten minutes. In one

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jects is best treated by alkalies. Acids seldom agree. The follow-

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clavian, carotid, and brachial arteries ; 4, the arteries of the base of

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The practical lesson, corroborated by much experience, is to this effect :

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Lesions of the tricuspid valves were of later recognition than those

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In the funiculus lateralis, both in the ascending and the descending tracts, and

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node to the right auricle, on the one hand, and to the auriculoventricu-

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cle. It is rare in the right ventricle, and still rarer in the auricles;