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voids, once or oftener, a large quantity of limpid urine."
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ductory." At the Westminster Hospital Mr. Hartridge
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33. Wells, Transactions Med. Sect. A. M. A., 1905, page 47.
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subscribers, in Pratt street, near the bridge. They
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ihe syn<)\ial cavity are op,.j,,,d. and one C.irrei tul^e laid into e.uii.
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tion of the tricuspid or pulmonary artery valves, as occurring sepa-
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attack of pain. In four cases this was several times
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lower the popular estimate of normal school work in the communities with
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water. Various micro-organisms are said to be destroyed in
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3. The passage of the left spermatic vein beneath the sig-
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the whole season, in a young girl aged sixteen years, which started out
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bone with a case-knife. When this wound failed to effect
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women to the same privileges as men in the four years of col-
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Earlier mentioti has been made that clinical disease
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of the Medical Staff Corps, together with a knowledge of
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the day, but ceases during sleep. There is no expectoration, and ex-
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centimetres from the vulva, were excluded. After mentioning
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Auge.iiheilk. 1885, vol. xxiii. p. 357. 13. PETERSON. Journ. Nerv. and Ment. Dis.
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had been disproved by the work of Stokes and others. He doubts,
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percentage of {K)ly nuclear leucocytes. One case of diphtheria
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This is a handsome book, containing eighteen articles by
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many forms of nervous diseases, this method of employing
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of country embracing the mineral springs of Virginia."
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sults from it in pulmonary tuberculosis. Chittenden
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12. If you happen to get wet in cold weather, keep moving on foot with a