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public opposition, in spite of the sharp drop in the typhoid inci-

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evidence of catabolic state, confusion, stupor, or coma

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had disappeared and the choking of the discs had become much decreased.

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tion if operated continuously, but as there is no material turbidity

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of passive anemia or engorgement with venous blood. But

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F. Thomas; Case Report of Typhoid Followed by Streptococcus Menin-

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tage that the surgeon, forced by the nature of his work to view at least

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of the catheters if the patient has drunk a considerable amount

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port a comparative investigation of the effects and toxicity of sodium sali-

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therapeutic measures on systolic and diastolic pressure in man. (1). The

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F. E. Bunts, M. D. S. H. Large, M. D. R. E. Skeel, M. D.

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Treasurer, Lewis H. Adler, Jr., Philadelphia. Executive Council : John

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research into the different lead trades of our country and the different

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of merit, may be too limited in their general use to warrant

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of the legislature the act was again amended, (95 O. L., 212), so as to rid

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cells can be found. There are no evidences of an endophlebitis.

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terns (low-voltage fast activity) may appear during and after treat-

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appeal, he shall forfeit to the Medical Society of the

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have caused men to lose confidence in these tests as a class.

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be in mild respiratory distress. His pulse was 100 per