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admitted to Y-NHH, for any reason after the index ab-

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or like a muddy lens, 1 reject it as adulterated, and unfit and unsafe for use.

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Leopold's method of classification has been, to a large extent, adopted.

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and a feeling of weakness when the injection was continued. After

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Dr. Satre remarked that his previous motion, calling

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Dec. 20. The bruit de soufflet was no longer audible, and

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honor, and courtesy in the veterinary profession, and to

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The free forms appear, either as slender spindles, which have

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tact with patients who had no ear, nose, or throat discharge, but in

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washing out with boracic solution and use of suppositories are the principal fea-

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failure to eliminate foci of infection after operation.

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state of matters may continue for three or four days before auv-

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being those of the individual who had been missing for a year. The bone's of

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cavities is very propitious; for so long as it remains liquid,

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lower limbs, and as the disease continues this is followed by a

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rior edge of the coronoid process of the jawbone, and escaping through

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to that of rationalism. While this rational treatment is far from

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the capacity for work has been cmj)hasized by the study of Zuntz and

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that due to appendicitis. The combination of pain, tenderness, rigidity,

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the recumbent position ; lint, wrung out in hot water, applied to the

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terms of the writ addressed to the sheriff : 4 In propria persona tua accedas

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were well acquainted with membranous inflammation of the trachea, or

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about the proportion at the Boston Hospital fur the Insane.

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confirm the view that the motor areas represented cutaneous

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amined the diphtheria statistics of England and Wales for the years

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few lines beyond the surface of the mouth, it was readily di-

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may result from a diet from which raw, fresh food is ex-