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higher classes of animals alone : for, as the scale
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duced. There will be more or less diarrhoea, or the stomach may be-
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Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Maxillofacial Surgery
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genital infection, or syphilis acquired quite apart from
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xlii, 311-315. — Berjfer (P.) Alices central de la diaphyse
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monary fibrosis (which may be partly of chronic tuberculous origin).
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throat was clear, in another three days after, and in an-
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that account. In spite of all care, and, generally, in consequence of con-
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convince the sufferer of the diagnosis. tie else to make a positive diagnosis of
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In Henke is given a case where a child lived four days, and
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with directions under their respective heads. Sometimes the
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degenerative changes of tissue naturally occur suffer more from continued high
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covered ; there was no sub-clavicular flattening, neither was the res-
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Walls of the Lachrymal Canal; Implantation of a Glass Ball for the Support oi an
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tached to it. We regret to find it stated that the resident me-
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refers as invented by Peter, which he probably himself used in the construction
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be said to be actually circulating. The larger portion exists in
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body like a stroke of lightning. Now we know there is a poisonous substance,
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at all well for the last ten days, and, as he has a great wish
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ting the needle in the multiplier, or in imparting magnetism
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for duty. Medical Director Price has recommended investiga-
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gives an account of ten cases under his own observation (occurring in Professor
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disinfected, not a single case of the disease occurred.
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Albert von Haller speaks of him as being one of the glories
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taken into the scarlatina ward, trusting fully in the authority that had
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hope they followed his advice and saved the rest of the family;
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rhubarb, owing, perhaps, as Schmiedeberg pointed out, to its too rapid
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on "French Practice" to his old companions of the JNIedical
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