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understood the dosage of the benzol which he had been taking; that is
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week, as is often done, no benefit will result. Contracted tendons may be
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The little patient slept all of the time ; there was not
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gangrene, treated by amputation and swabbing with pure
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Standing: Dr. M. West, Dr. A. Pike, Dr. S. Brenner, Dr. A. Taylor, Dr. M.
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Surgeon June 2, 1906, to rank as such from February 10, 1906.
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rence of endocarditis and pericarditis. This, however, is not borne out by the
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consists in inhalations of terebinthine. Inspiration is effected by means of a
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patients who took voyaffes, the average number of voyages per patient was 2^.
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shops. Few stomachs will bear more than this, though the journals
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serious. In an interesting boy of seven years, the son of a medical friend, the
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no matter to what influences they may be exposed, never experience this
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testicle of the ascaris mi/stax, magnified 330 dia-
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says " the first symptoms were rapidity of pulse, with diminution of
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air and the collapse thus induced favors the occurrence of bronchitis and
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The routine period of isolation of patients has in many hospitals
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ton and rice, may, perhaps, yet become as common crops in Ohio, Penn-
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hand in hand with the dilatation of the left ventricle. This aortic
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