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depth of about a quarter of an inch. In addition to this, the quadriceps ex-

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seen only one man that complained of marked weakness

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pregnancy, imitation, and rheumatism. Imitation, which is frequent in

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After severe cerebral or spinal lesions, or exacerbations

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in arables; it is of nesh {soft) leaves, and bitterish to

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The symptomatology is as follows. The child at first develops nor-

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Physical examination of old people, be they well or ill,

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of this Branch was held on Friday, Feb. 23rd, 1866,

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the Author. By Edson S. Bastin, A. M., F. R. M. S., Pro-

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drawing.— (See Plate I.) The following were the measurements

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of the muscle. At intervals of a few days, a solution of silver nitrate

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sensorium; and decreased performance on neuropsychometrics.

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the rest of the lungs, be much more clearly marked.

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has been allowed to remain in tanks lined with that metal, is danger-

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recurred every third week, and lasted for six or seven days, whilst in the

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latter being artificial rather than natiiral products in many

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be applied exclusively to the object for which the loan was

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treatment of this affection. My experience coincides with that of

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of a sharp spicule from one or the other of the fragments, occa-

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that the constancy of the murmur is proportionate to the diminution of

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bonds and the substitution therefor of the certificates of indebted-

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defective power and precision of voluntary movement. Each of these

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more severe general symptoms, as might be inferred from its denoting a

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