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before entering the stomach, so that whatever local action it is possible
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vein. If the superior vena cava is obstructed, there is venous conges-
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is to be remembered, however, that, although one daily evacuation of
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Monocular diplopia i.e., the seeing with one eye of one object as two
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fact that hypertrophy of the heart is most constant and extreme in fibrous
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several seconds, after which the respirations are fewer and longer and
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They are present in the urine in various quantities, are usually, although
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attended with paralysis of the bladder, or an hysterical hemianaesthesia
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recognition of the number of red and white blood- corpuscles present in
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normal kidney may produce no characteristic gross changes, with the
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is sometimes of service, but should be preferably made by nitrohydro-
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circumscribed bulging of the abdominal wall, either in the epigastrium or
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diplococci are usually to be demonstrated in the exudation or in the
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Charcot of the method of Motschoutkowski i.e., that of suspension led
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tially peptonized milk, when taken without repugnance, is advanta-
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insure the elimination of lead if it be in the system. The urine should
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character for niceness in details alone will not make up the full mea-
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of " claw-hand' ' is produced, which may mean paralysis of the ulnar
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tractions of single or associated groups of muscles ; they may closely
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sign is persistent elevation of temperature without obvious cause, often
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permits the exclusion of renal, rectal, uterine, or ovarian disease. Its
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TREATMENT. Every case of small-pox should be isolated from the
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endothelium, which may be fattily degenerated, and does not coagulate
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slightest overdose converts such action into that of a powerful depressant.
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ture of equal parts of castor oil and aromatic syrup of rhubarb (U.S. P.
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the peritoneal cavity and infect both them and the uterus from the
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pass your ear to the left side of the chest, you would cease to hear the
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etiology is also suggested by the occurrence of acute rhinitis as an early
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Possibly as the result of vaso-motor relaxation, hemorrhages occur
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bursitis, but evidences of a general peritonitis are rarely found.
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necessary for the next month, all who are not subscribers are particularly
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accommodation. This is ])roved by the fact, that if we employ a
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of the Trachea and Bronchi Trachitis Acute Bronchitis Chronic Bron-
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the larval form has often been found in man, serious disturbances from
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the severity of the process, in the interstitial tissue. There are prostra-
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pressor muscle may also produce frequent micturition, perhaps constant
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When an acute gastritis is due to an irritant poison, the stomach after
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thetic. By no meaifb rare are the instances of similar accusations ;