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tropical countries, it is probably equally prevalent.
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this food, fcoop out a raw twrnip with great delight.
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carcinoma ; and when it occurs in the liver, it is, until a histological ex-
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it falls on the ground in the fame manner. It is al-
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contraction of their walls. The centre may be the seat of calcareous deposit.
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symptoms, except that occasionally there are exacerbations leading to the
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of 12 years he commenced to have recurring attacks of tonsillitis, two or three
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some respects from those of the other forms, so that they are best con-
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We know very little about the exact changes which take place in
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fun we made of the spray freezing the jXKir genns ; but, in spite
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crease the permeability of the vessel wall so that the fluid of the plasma
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too trivial. The patient, however, does not, and is always ex-
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— particularly from the stomach. Parenchymatous fatty degenerations of
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Maragliano and others have attempted to produce an immunising or
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cultivation; allowing ground to fall out of cultivation; earth-cutting for
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chemical ferments which they form are capable of acting under anaerobic
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irritates the larynx and coughing persists all day. This is the
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complications due to pressure of the abscess. Vomiting is not uncommon ;
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tlie warmth of the feafon, and by the devouring fire
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What may be called " a nervous tongue " is pale, usually dry, and at other
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to clear up the diagnosis. In differentiating between tuberculous and non-
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acid, so that an absorption of the non-excreted portion takes place from
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tion of the virulent effects of poisons that may be locked up within this edible
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there are indications of the presence of the rheumatic erythema — erythema
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dyspncea and fever. Pleurisy is often accompanied by joint affections.
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out of thirty-eight monkeys examined post-mortem at the London
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fattened ; for the older the hog is, the longer time
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is controlled by pressure and the entire cavity is swabbed out with 2^%