Duphalac Oral Solution

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When the bean is swallowed, pain in the stomach, vomiting, small slow
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to come of the patient's urine in a test-tube and then allowing some strong
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Except the injury inflicted by the accident, the children were all well
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there was no figure of an elephant, nor of a monoculous animal, among
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Antistreptococcus Serum. — The first attempt to cure streptococcic
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of the truss, to the pressure of the intestines when protruded, or to
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in Frankl-Hochwart's work, No. 3, and in Russell's paper. No. 4.
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out the contents. The mode pursued by Lawrence, is very similar.
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whitish deposit, and surrounded by a narrow zone of infiltration. Gradu-
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no case has the organism of tetanus been detected, although specially
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menta to respiration, which have been adverted to, this nervous lesion
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is useful to employ for outside cases where the taking about of the gas
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During the summer, autumn, and early winter, the climate presents
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membranes with which the lymphatic glands communicate, is not a ne-
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tiflg or permanent. When the cavity is superficial, there is somedmes
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the protection could be induced by the filtered and therefore microbe-free
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are carried into a correct standing position the ribs are lifted. It is the duty of
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hours after removal of the left breast under ether.
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gives rise to difiiculty in diagnosis, its intimate relation to the skin, doughy
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but that it is only the oxide formed during the trituration with the fatty
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Typhoui fever^ complicated mth fmeunumitU, is a disease in which
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ness of the " rockings " from side to side perfect, and carried out with much less
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weeks, it is at once apparent that no other course than the speedy re-
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better two days, he gives an injection of one-tenth to one milligram under
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rhagic diathesis, and chronic disease of the alimentary tract also bear
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stopped to blush, on giving the account. But we cannot get over the
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probably the beet to be pursued, still knows that the first prescriptions
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Great features of Meran are the grape cure, which naturally can only
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often occurred, though it was often about the twenty-first or twenty-eighth
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lateral. Whether the trachea be flattened or displaced, in either case the
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cerebro-spinal fluid would aid in diagnosis by indicating the existence of
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It is only necessary to remove glands which are enlarged, and the
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ference to that, medical men differed very widely in their views and
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cal gentlemen present discovered a small bony formation in the right
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fluenced, of attending so closely to the details of business, that he is ex-
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are much accelerated. And just as the alternate contraction and expansion of
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The patient was directed to keep quiet in bed. The bowels hd
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Mesentefic Glands. — The glands swell from hypersemia and cell infiltration ;
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in 6 cases. This redness, on account of gastric symptoms having supeff«*