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of arthritis deformans as given here. These are the cases of arthritis which

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been more or less fully substantiated clinically or by physiological experi-

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\as placed in a small steel chamlier edlineeled with a cylinder of cdiii-

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litis. In some instances there is marked involvement of the hip-joints with

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dio renal disease, for example, the iiie:iti acidity may he .ipproxiiiiat.

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Iocs alTcct (he heart diiriiiir muscular exercise, it must act li> inhibitniu'

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Eleted in the slow and awkward gait of the patients and in the shallow costal

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'I'Ih' liist scM'M luiiis cif I'ilis i)i(i<;i-('SNi\ c'lv iiiciciiM' in Icnirtli, iinil ai'i'

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After removal from the mother, three of these rats were fed on an arti

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of convulsion of the face and foaming at the mouth,

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Brain. — We have learned to recognize angiospasm as an important factor

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tumors or cysts. Extirpation is usually inclicated, and the positive diagnosis

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another, and it mav be marked on pressure; sometimes dbtinct grating on

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■■i'"i|iit df hhidd, // the cahirie- (if iieal ;;i\en nut t(i the eahirinieter, T

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[ihiiscs of systolt' and diiistnlr. Diii'iiij; systole, the iimscle heiiij; rcfnie-

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' Die Uraemie. ' Diseases of the Kidney j American edition, p. 285.

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resemblance of the applicant to affected family members is undoubtedly

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susceptible people under treatment with iodine or iodides. It is recognized

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fiein! influence of eoddiver oil, for example, may depend on some fat

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I'Tiiiinatioii -asc (for I'xaiiiplf, tlir enzyme wliieli iiiveils maltnse is ealleil

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'" ''"■ ••'"'"'■■'' '•'"""".>. .\ltlinu...h 1 „-• llil^ sl|,-,M.,.,|..,| i„ s..pai;,li. .-

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beat will s I beccnu" feeble ami irr<>!.'ular. to be readily rest<ired to

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sipelas the redness began over the thyroid swelling and spread from there.

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I'HI n listnla int„ tl,.. main slcna.-l. as wrll. Vih- Ldiaxiur „f tl.o so.-iv-

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moderate exercise, and — a point of great importance — by seeing that in our

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family history of tuberculosis in the case of light^\'eights is no less damaging

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The most important symptoms are mental inertia or apathy and the changes

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Hvoii finiu the earliest <liiys it li;is hcen recoiriiized tiuit tlie stoiiiaeli

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Im'iiI IuIms >ci tlijit "111' iipfii mil lirs iii'iii- the iicriplicry Miii

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begins. The earlier the thyroid change, the more marked the alterations of

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riic cstaliiishnieiit of the fact that the sinus doiiliuatos the heaitlicr